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  1. USA Is it time for a woman President in the U.S.?
  2. World Which country has the best government system?
  3. World What is Russia doing?
  4. USA Who Poses the Biggest Threat to the USA
  5. USA SCOTUS Rules Same Sex Legal Across Nation
  6. USA Abraham Lincoln - For the People
  7. Politics in your family?
  8. USA Donald Trump on illegal immigrants
  9. USA Changing their beliefs mid-term
  10. USA US Presidential Race 2016
  11. USA Polygamy the Bible and God's Law
  12. USA Gun Control
  13. USA GOP Debate - 08/06/15
  14. USA Term limits
  15. World North Korea
  16. USA English As Official Language
  17. USA Top Issues in the US?
  18. USA Do you like the current political parties available to us?
  19. Does anyone follow Bernie Sanders and his run for the presidency?
  20. World This is prefixed "world" only because There's no "Australian" prefix available :P
  21. USA Second Republican Debate: Simi Valley, September 16
  22. Preferential voting system
  23. Should Australia back the Russians & not the USA in Syria?
  24. USA Democrat Debate
  25. World Canada votes Liberals in, conservatives reduced to minority of around 99/338.
  26. USA 2016 Republicans vs. the media
  27. USA Do you like the idea of the Electoral College?
  28. Political Meme's
  29. USA Bernie States that climate change is linked to growth of terrorism?
  30. USA Trump on Muslims
  31. USA Republican Debate
  32. The Donald (For USA Republicans)
  33. USA Democrate Debate - 12/19/15
  34. USA Trump on Hillary's bathroom visit
  35. USA Obama's new gun movement
  36. Trump wooing the evangelicals
  37. USA Elections in Modern California
  38. The Trumpless Debate
  39. USA Iowa and the Republicans
  40. A royal commission into ...
  41. Echos from the past with the sound of USA politics today
  42. Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies
  43. As a voting Christian...
  44. USA "EVANGELICALS" - What's Behind the Huge Support of Trump?
  45. USA GOP Debate 03/03/16
  46. World Refugees
  47. World Are fear and ignorance driving our politics?
  48. why not trump -why trump BUT WHY do christians care ?
  49. Trump
  50. Tales of an Australian election...
  51. What does one do when one's national leader is a lemon?
  52. Trump and Hillary
  53. Some thoughts on guns in the USA ...
  54. Cruz and Kasich
  55. Members of Congress being Telemarketers
  56. USA Taxation and representation.
  57. World Banking and central banks.
  58. USA Just a Few Trumpisms
  59. World History and Palestine/Israel
  60. USA Halcyon days - the Clinton Presidency
  61. World Eyes that see unreality
  62. World Oligarchical political power
  63. Bathrooms, changing rooms, and the transgendered
  64. Please pray
  65. USA Bernie Sanders and Socialism
  66. Hillary
  67. USA Who you gonna call?
  68. Executive Orders
  69. My Choice for President
  70. Terrorism
  71. World MeanWhile. As the usa squabbles about tweedle dee or tweedle dum for a leader
  72. Is this how the USA budget and spending laws work?
  73. Is this how USA people elect a President?????
  74. USA Let's start a petition to make the USA a democracy!
  75. The Independent says Donald Trump is high on the psychopathic traits index.
  76. Trumpís Anti-Science Campaign
  77. History, facts, data ... and racism in the USA
  78. World Racism in Australia
  79. A 'no vote' is a vote for the 'other guy'?
  80. Prophetic vision about Donald Trump
  81. The truth about GOP and Democrats!
  82. Why does the USA give more aid money to Israel than is given some USA states?
  83. The shyster's game
  84. USA Tired of it
  85. Would this make you feel hamstrung?
  86. USA List of All the Candidates Running for President This Year
  87. USA Presidential candidates debate
  88. Voting Libertarian?
  89. USA TODAY's Editorial Board: Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'
  90. Trump. I'm Praying He Wins.
  91. Wayne Grudem on voting for Donald Trump
  92. Prelude to Sunday's debate
  93. USA Open Borders & Free Trade
  94. The Second presidential debate
  95. USA Planet America 2016 - news show with a humorous slant.
  96. Interesting viewpoint
  97. When the news shifts
  98. USA Interesting speech.
  99. Social activism - people power
  100. USA Health care costs
  101. USA Third & final 2016 candidates' debate.
  102. USA Patiently waiting for the results ...
  103. Latest emails connected to Clinton--concerning?
  104. Republicans
  105. Tomi Lahren
  106. 50 states 50 elections
  107. Catholic Church: Hillary is Satanic
  108. USA Is politics a moral issue?
  109. USA Voting day. To be or not to be? That is the question.
  110. USA I have voted!
  111. Trump: Our New President
  112. Seriously?
  113. Visas for Canada! - negotiated at a moderate price ;-)
  114. USA Impeach Donald Trump! :)
  115. USA Some LOST the Election....
  116. Hillary's election night success music revealed!
  117. Democratic loss and the rise of Trump
  118. Immigration, Muslims, Freedom of Religion and Birthrates
  119. Dutch Trump has to pay 5000 euro for hate speach
  120. USA Twenty fifth amendment
  121. World GFT leads to resurgent Risgtists
  122. Jill Stein to Get Wisconsin Presidential Votes Recounted
  123. What about allies?
  124. World Should we be afraid?
  125. USA How Ironic
  126. Beware the ides of March!
  127. World Trump to Build Wall!
  128. News from Australia
  129. Hundreds of Lawyers Descend Upon Airports
  130. Gotta Love Liberalism
  131. USA Trump dismisses Acting Attorney General
  132. World Did Bashar Al Assad have a stroke?
  133. USA Liberalism and Free Speech
  134. Thinking about recent executive order on entry to the USA
  135. We have a new political party
  136. USA US BREAKING: Joseph Clancy Resigns As Secret Service Director
  137. The enemy of the people
  138. Trump released tax returns
  139. Historic politics.
  140. Trump Drops M.O.A.B. in Afghanistan Today
  141. USA So you don't care who's president? It doesn't make any difference?
  142. Putin and hockey
  143. Trump and Comey (Former FBI director)
  144. Are we there yet?
  145. Capitalism and Christ
  146. Adjust your capitalism!
  147. Megyn Kelly "interviews" Putin. Grab your popcorn...
  148. Under investigation
  149. Can a president fire a vice-president?
  150. World The Realms or the USA, who was correct SCRIPTURALLY?
  151. How do you get a President to stop Tweeting?
  152. Who would you rather see as President?
  153. Trump issues a warning to N Korea
  154. Racism
  155. USA Tennis Reporter Fired for Racism
  156. N.Korean missle bomb development
  157. International Idiocy.
  158. Voting your moral values.
  159. USA National Tragedy
  160. The polls close in a few weeks
  161. USA Guns, gun control, and rights.
  162. USA Genetics and you :)
  163. Disasters and Trump
  164. Make Italy Great Again ...
  165. USA Reflecting on the nation ...
  166. For whom the bells tolls ...
  167. Privacy
  168. Orange U ready 2 im Peach?
  169. Catalonia Declares Independence from Spain
  170. What Do You Love About Your Country?
  171. Should Australia become a Republic?
  172. When will peace come
  173. Trump believes Putin that he didn't meddle
  174. Roy Moore loses but doesn't concede
  175. First President a Lutheran?
  176. USA Trump Administration forbids CDC from using 7 words
  177. This bozo American said sumthin bad about our country
  178. Excerpts from Trumps State of the Union Address
  179. Is the declassified memo such a big deal?
  180. User pays
  181. age you can buy a gun
  182. School Prayer
  183. USA Keep Religion Out of Public School
  184. Trump, Helping Our Veterans!
  185. Trump and the Porn Star
  186. USA Trump and James Comey
  187. Trump repaid Cohen for hush money
  188. Where is Melania?
  189. World Canadian Overlords!
  190. Above the law - King Donald.
  191. Trump-Kim Summit
  192. Cohen may cooperate with Prosecutor
  193. Paul Manafort sent to jail
  194. It's abhorrent.
  195. Collusion, Australian coverage.
  196. About that "tariff" thing...
  197. Plan to divide California into three states
  198. Solzhenitsyn: Danger - Politics & Social Reform
  199. Fair and Reciprocal Tariff bill
  200. Poverty bites on black Americans
  201. Australia's Child Poverty: National Shame
  202. Brett Kavanaugh nominated for Supreme Court Justice
  203. Why Are Christians Relying on Politics
  204. USA JOSIAH for PRESIDENT 2020
  205. Is it impeachment time yet?
  206. Political Chaos Continues in Australia.
  207. Trump's Re-Election?
  208. If you ever got impeached.
  209. Insight into a man?
  210. Kavanaugh has an accuser
  211. Polluted Political Correctness?
  212. Is Trump Stupid? Are All Republicans Stupid?
  213. Why not just impeach everyone and start over
  214. Which side is your bread buttered?
  215. Racism and bigotry won the day. So sad for USA.
  216. Remembering
  217. Fox has lost the Caravan
  218. Trump and his wall
  219. Republican small government!!?
  220. Pilgrim fathers were econimic refugees.
  221. World Microwaves are watching you!
  222. Voting!
  223. The fairwell tour.
  224. Donald
  225. USAns
  226. Has Donald been smocking covfefe?
  228. Iowa voters back Trump but welcome challengers
  229. Trump again? Not so fast...
  230. President refuses to sign spending bill
  231. Furlough explained
  232. Russia's Hypersonic Missile System
  233. Corruption in high places
  234. If Hillary had won would electoral college but questioned still?
  235. Voices
  236. Best way for US govt shutdown to end?
  237. Explain Brexit to me?
  238. Full raw video "confrontation against Catholic school kids"
  239. State of the Union Address 2019
  240. Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal
  241. World The World is a Business Mr. Beal...
  242. Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall
  243. USA How can we ditch the 2 party system?
  244. Pelosi not for impeachment, saying Trump isn't worth it
  245. 2020: Polls Already Busy!
  246. Guilt by Association
  247. Australia: PM sets election date
  248. Impeach him now
  249. The cool and slick get away with anythng!
  250. Easter Worshippers