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  1. Asking forgiveness
  2. Why won't they sit next to me??????
  3. Okay to use someone's nickname at work?
  4. How do you like to study the bible?
  5. Praying in public
  6. Punishment
  7. Beggars on the street
  8. Do you believe Persecution will come to America
  9. Journey from athiesm/agnosticism to faith?
  10. Informal Style of Prayer?
  11. When someone's pride gets in the way of forgiveness
  12. Driving through bad areas?
  13. Forgiving Others
  14. Office Question
  15. Passive Aggressive comments
  16. Do you wake him...?
  17. people with overly agressive nature
  18. Has God called you to a mystery?
  19. iam wondering something here
  20. AA and Christianity
  21. The LORD Jesus .. who is he to you
  22. When was Jesus Christ born?
  23. What is love?
  24. Christian T-Shirts?
  25. Just need to gripe
  26. Forgiveness not being meant
  27. About the Exodus
  28. Using Phones in Church
  29. Helping others
  30. Confusing dream
  31. How do you feel about giving office gifts?
  32. Are there an banks with no fees?
  33. Divorce
  34. The Repenting Thief and Christ's statement to Mary
  35. In helping others
  36. Who bought the field of blood?
  37. Pregnant women flying
  38. The Law of Attraction
  39. What do you think about killing...
  40. Body of Messiah - to be spiced twice?
  41. Those who gotta get in the last word!
  42. How do I believe?
  43. How is Jesus the first born of the dead?
  44. Judging
  45. When are wedding invites sent out?
  46. What happened to Pilate and his wife?
  47. Bring a sword...but don't use it. Question regarden Garden of Gethsemane Arrest
  48. well meaning but not so much
  49. Christians who think they're perfect
  50. Asking others to come to church
  51. On The Duration Of Hell
  52. The Church of Today
  53. When other Christians condemn
  54. Halloween? Your thoughts..... is it okay to celebrate?
  55. Best Bibles in English
  56. What is Christian meditation?
  57. Death of Apostles & Saints
  58. When Christians are bullies...
  59. Does knowledge of the truth give eternal life?
  60. Books/Movies with "gods" & "goddesses"
  61. Biblical idea of gift giving
  62. How could Moses write the first 5 books of the Holy Bible?
  63. How does our fasting provide the healing?
  64. Was Jesus born Dec 25
  65. Running the race
  66. Paul the religious zealot
  67. Adam and Eve
  68. How do we understand verses that say God has changed his mind?
  69. God and genders
  70. Confidentiality vs Secrets
  71. Verse out of context
  72. The magic Christian
  73. Direction of worship
  74. Can the devil harm you as you sin?
  75. The Holy City - All who would might enter
  76. Gods mercy
  77. Anger
  78. Whats the meaning of life
  79. Christian Freedoms
  80. The Mechanics of Temptation
  81. How do I ask family member to return an heirloom?
  82. Correcting
  83. Are Millennials leaving God/Christianity?
  84. Church buildings - other faiths
  85. The pastor never visited me!
  86. Are Preachers not just peddlers of wares?
  87. Question for those who believe Transubstantiation
  88. Would your youth think this was "cool"?
  89. Online Church Services
  90. Trying to find the right church
  91. Are Christians More Sensitive than others?
  92. Did Christ leave open this deadly door in His Ministry?
  93. How do I receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
  94. My family reunion.
  95. Pentecostal
  96. Osteen's Megachurch denying shelter to hurricane Harvey victims
  97. Mega
  98. Bible versions
  99. Different types of love our neighbor
  100. What Good is Prayer?
  101. What NOT to Do in Church
  102. What ways do you deal with grief?
  103. Church on holidays
  104. Reformation Sunday
  105. Would you name your kid "stupid", "dimwitted", "vain", "selfish" or "slow"?
  106. Doubts in my Church
  107. First Commandment
  108. I have been questioning my faith lately
  109. Favorite Christmas song
  110. Would you ever sue a child of yours?
  111. Are there certain topics you won't ask your pastor?
  112. Why are Christians so old-fashioned about sex?
  113. How did Lot know...
  114. How old was Mary?
  115. Can you name the 12?
  116. Those words you're singing in church
  117. Writing Sympathy Cards
  118. Do you pray for the Lord to return?
  119. How long do you pray?
  120. Can I get a witness?
  121. Talking animals
  122. Reasons to join a church
  123. Do you prefer to blame others first?
  124. Fat Jesus?
  125. How you view, and how He viewed, His murder
  126. Colors found in the bible...important?
  127. What does Peter mean by "the fate that was planned for them"
  128. Multiple Gospels= third testament
  129. What kills church growth?
  130. Questions an atheist friend wanted to ask part 1.
  131. Questions an atheist friend wanted to ask part 3.
  132. Questions an atheist friend wanted to ask part 4.
  133. Measurable Data?
  134. Literal or Allegorical...or...
  135. Do you believe the phrase, "God won't give you more than you can handle"?
  136. Thou Shalt Not Covet
  137. If you could say one thing to your pastor...
  138. "You are too superstitious!"
  139. What does the Bible say about the Christian attitude?
  140. How do you know he/she is a visitor at church?
  141. Recognizing sin
  142. Christian sites?
  143. need advice
  144. Are liberal colleges a threat to Christians
  145. Those icky Christians!
  146. Why?
  147. Observing Sabbath
  148. Do you kiss your little cross?
  149. Has God led you to change your name?
  150. Open to Suggestions
  151. Fasting?
  152. The way we treat others
  153. Talking about the birth
  154. Old Prayer Threads and OP no shows
  155. How do you comfort a non-believing parent whose child has cancer?
  156. Money to your friends?
  157. Is cremation okay for the Christian?
  158. Pastor preaching watered down sermons
  159. Loud hearing aid
  160. Being okay with no friends?
  161. Funeral song?
  162. What do I do about my anger?
  163. Biblical divorce
  164. Don't want to marry
  165. Is it not OK to be gay?
  166. Why early morning prayer
  167. How much daily time in prayer?
  168. Christian Apps for Phone
  169. Controlling the mind which plays trick
  170. Whom should i consult with
  171. Death by Judgment
  172. Terminal illness and comfort
  173. Praying with condition and terms
  174. How to go about in Prayer
  175. Is it okay to read suspense or thriller novels
  176. False Prophecies
  177. Quick quick hurry hurry need advice ASAP!
  178. Confession to a priest