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  1. A few things atheists are not...
  2. Wretched clips
  3. All religions but Christianity...
  4. Books for other world relgions
  5. Speaking in tongues?
  6. Witnessing
  7. Spiritual Warfare
  8. Prophets...how long?
  9. Prayer and free will
  10. How do you intepret these verses?
  11. The holy supper of our Lord.
  12. Healing in the atonement?
  13. Poor Theology - follow the wide, easy path
  14. Poor Theology - appeals to fear
  15. Poor Theology - God won't let you be deceived
  16. Poor Theology - The Touchy Feelies
  17. Poor Theology - God Told Me / You're Arguing With God
  18. Poor Theology - Who needs context anyway?
  19. Poor Theology - Declare a thing!
  20. Believing that the devil exists yet not God
  21. Those self-righteous Christians!
  22. Biblical "good"
  23. The Book of Enoch
  24. Say What??
  25. They don't believe Paul
  26. Numbers in the bible...yet numerology is bad!
  27. Is Buddhism a theology?
  28. The Perfection of Beauty
  29. Can Non Christians be convicted by God?
  30. When is the soul created?
  31. The Color of His Skin
  32. Bringing Religion back into the schools...
  33. Philo
  34. The Supernatural
  35. Are NDEs evidence of the soul?
  36. How can Mormons consider the Book of Mormon to be an extension of the Bible?
  37. Petros.. Petra
  38. Who is the Antichrist
  39. When you hear "Your sins are forgiven"
  40. By schisms rent asunder, By heresies distressed ...
  41. Why the need to save yourself in other religions?
  42. Please explain why you believe Jesus wasn't God at any point in His life?
  43. Holy Spirit - given at Pentacost or day of Resurrection?
  44. What's the deal with Paul?
  45. The Quran supposedly being good
  46. Are angels and demons more revered than God by some?
  47. six points to bind them all.
  48. Muslim/Christian testimony
  49. Jesus went to India
  50. The uncooked ruminations of a youthful philosopher
  51. Interlinking Christianity and Islam
  52. Being unyoked
  53. Jesus as a Prophet
  54. Praying to the deceased - correlation with those who believe in ghosts?
  55. Islam
  56. Ecclesiastes and inspiration
  57. Does religion cause most conflict in the world?
  58. Do Atheists pick on others (Off Topic version)
  59. On Topic Copy -Do Atheist pick on other religions
  60. One world, one life, one mind.
  61. Does Satan give power to men?
  62. He's God's angel now?
  63. Getting our own planets
  64. I'll pray for you
  65. The Beast Revelation
  66. Do Mormons/JW's openly declare their faith?
  67. People actually believed Christians used to sacrifice children to God?
  68. Trying to make connections with the biblical prophecy numbers.
  69. Buddhist Beliefs
  70. Confucian teaching
  71. So you have doubts about ... the Holy Trinity
  72. Jehovah's witnesses
  73. Denying the Resurrection?
  74. Summary of the teachings of Jehovah's witnesses
  75. Interesting history of Adventist groups since William Miller's times.
  76. An interesting perspective in lies ...
  77. A Gutsy Preacher
  78. Male & female created he them.
  79. Critical thinking and religion.
  80. Righteous evil
  81. Nonviolent civil protest
  82. Are we people first or Christians first?
  83. Is it possible to be consistently good in public for the sake of others?
  84. Fig leaf ...
  85. Unimportant doctrines?
  86. Burden of Proof
  87. Resurrection unknown concept?
  88. Have we lost the faith of our fathers?
  89. Theology & disputes about meaning.
  90. Food for thought - reflecting on Ruth
  91. A Christmas Carol
  92. The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas
  93. Jaz song implies that you either read the bible or go to hell.
  94. The meaning of "saints"
  95. The Day of the Lord.
  96. For Christ's Sake
  97. A thought (or two) on unity.
  98. Mission
  100. What church?
  101. Some thoughts on religious dialogue
  102. For the sake of the kingdom.
  103. I am not alone.
  104. Hermeneutic.
  105. We have kept the feast.
  106. Naughty but nice
  107. Crackers and cottage cheese - the making of theology.
  108. Sabbath keeping counts towards what, exactly?
  109. Every thought captive ...
  110. Ever hear of an eruv?
  111. Is the bible enough and do you respect it when you dislike its use?
  112. Know the truth - a short lived enlightenment.
  113. murdering ideas
  114. What makes the world go around?
  115. Counting
  116. Numerology
  117. Our special Earth
  118. The first commandment.
  119. Lowliness is assured by majesty, weakness by power, mortality by eternity.
  120. What Do Christians believe?
  121. The second commandment.
  122. Singing praises to God
  123. How does man respond to God who reveals himself?
  124. What does it mean in practice for a person to believe in God?
  125. Copyism
  126. Aliens, Sin & Forgiveness
  127. Picturing God the Father
  128. The History of Outer Space Programming
  129. Imaginary friends, angels, and God.
  130. First Word in the Bible more than we might suppose.
  131. Signs of the end - Uber (yes, really!)
  132. Ask a Christian - Pauline Christianity - a religion of the State?
  133. The Triune God.
  134. Does God exist?
  135. Interesting perspective on the old testament
  136. Do You Believe in Ghosts (Seriously)?
  137. The forbidden fruit
  138. It is almost time to sing about frozen ducks and snow! ...
  139. Purgatory?
  140. Ghosts: unfinished business how does that relate to God?
  141. What if the Pope tweeted like Donald Trump does?
  142. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
  143. Justification or Sanctification Differences
  144. God's displeasure with Cain?
  145. Post 911 interest in God?
  146. Mt. Vesuvius and the book of Revelation
  147. Non denominational churches
  148. Unicorns!!!
  149. Masons in church
  150. Saul/Paul's Dinner Plate. It includes everything. Even human flesh.
  151. The Mark of the Beast is Imminent?
  152. The Priest is trying to steal your pearls!
  153. annihilationism
  154. Was Noah a sinful man?
  155. "Post-NT" doctrine literature
  156. Assurance of salvation
  157. Who is the Hireling?
  158. "Optional" activities in the church
  159. Be good or you won't get into heaven
  160. Not religious but spiritual
  161. God never gives you more than you can handle
  162. Do you think a God who drowns innocent babies from ppl before the flood is loving?
  163. Thoughts on the 'annihilationism' Thread
  164. suicide
  165. The End of the World - list of dates that came and went
  166. Lutherans don't believe Jesus is God?
  167. Some Lutherans don't believe Jesus is God
  168. How is Deism and Atheism practically different?
  169. Does the Qu'ran tell the same truth found in the Christian Bible?
  170. The old testament
  171. Refuge, immigration, the Law, and the Gospel
  172. Temptation
  173. Calling.
  174. You are the salt of the Earth.
  175. I am the light of the world.
  176. Unforgiveable sin.
  177. Why is he called the HOLY Spirit?
  178. Some thoughts about the canon of the Old Testament.
  179. Genesis story of creation "Days" literal or not?
  180. Fulfilling the Law and the Prophets
  181. Biblical concept of original sin
  182. At what age did you sense there was a spiritual side to life?
  183. Could it all be a fraud?
  184. There really are Protestants who say "The Bible is God"
  185. Religious politics and political religion.
  186. Do you have assurance that you will have everlasting life with God?
  187. Salvation
  188. How can an unbeliever please God?
  189. Mock Sacrifices to Molech and Druidic Rituals at Bohemian Grove
  190. Curious to know ..
  191. Chris Pratt - MTV Award speech: Courageous?
  192. Grace
  193. When was Satan created and does it effect the length of days in Genesis 1
  194. Biblical meaning - literal, allegory, or...?
  195. Life of Privilege Explained in a $100 Race
  196. Basilica Block Party
  197. Do the ends justify the means?
  198. I was a stranger, and ye took me not in.
  199. Spawn of Satan
  200. Idolatry?
  201. The name Allah
  203. Freedom
  205. Apart from works of the Law!
  206. Hunger and thirst after ...
  207. Why don't you door knock evangelise?
  208. Little gods
  209. What do you make of it?
  210. God is at work in your life, He will grant you your desires if you believe.
  211. Who is Jesus for you?
  212. Should the pope step down
  213. What does it mean?
  214. The last judgement.
  215. What do you make of Exodus 34?
  216. Why has Open Theism become popular?
  217. poverty is the worst form of violence.
  218. A Bible Without Chapter and Verse
  219. Salvation - Part 2
  221. Pray to be worthy.
  222. Beliefs that Progressive Christians and Atheists Share
  224. Sinless Mary
  225. The 2nd Coming
  226. Can God hide from us?
  227. 6 Problems Christians Have with the Christian Worldview
  228. Change in (US) American Christianity?
  229. What is God's role in salvation?
  230. Does Christianity cause the most conflict of all religions?
  231. After the the flood - Pangea?
  232. Fallen Angels in other religions?
  233. Save yourselves?
  234. How Smart is Self?
  235. God still chooses.
  236. Does prayer change things or does it only change us?
  237. Thinking about Noah's ark
  238. Original thought.
  239. Context!!!
  240. Athesist
  241. Are Catholics boring catechists?
  242. Disciples and Believers
  243. Man A Triune Being
  244. Can demons be saved if they repent?
  245. Ash Wednesday
  246. JOHN 10:16 OTHER SHEEP
  248. Biases, imaginary faults, and sins.